Pro Bono Lawyers

Find lawyers who are willing to work "for the public good". These law firms or organizations may be willing to work for free or for a reduced rate depending on the circumstances. Contact the closest office for more information.

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Indiana Legal Services
151 North Delaware Street, Suite 1800
Indianapolis, IN 46204
ILS is a non-profit firm that provies free legal assistance to eligible low income people throughout the state. See the web site for contact information for regional offices. No criminal cases are accepted.

Heartland Pro Bono Council
151 N. Delaware, Suite 1800
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Heartland Pro Bono Council provides assistance for civil cases only. See the web site to apply for assistance.

Indianapolis Legal Aid Society, Inc.
615 North Alabama Street, Suite 122
Indianapolis, IN 46204
The Indianapolis Legal Aid Society handles cases involving bankruptcy, housing, property, debt, and other kinds of issues for clients below a certain income.

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