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Find lawyers who are willing to work "for the public good". These law firms or organizations may be willing to work for free or for a reduced rate depending on the circumstances. Contact the closest office for more information.

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What You Need To Know

What Does "Pro Bono" Mean?

"Pro bono" is short for the latin phrase pro bono publico, or "for the public good". Although it has a general meaning of "professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service" (Wikipedia), it is used most widely in terms of providing free legal service for the public good.

Who Provides Pro Bono Services?

Non-Profit Legal Aid Organizations

The single largest source of free legal assistance are non-profit organizations supported mostly through government funding and private donations. Most of these services will only accept civil (not criminal) cases for individuals who fall beneath a particular income level. Therefore, if you seek pro bono services you should be expected to provide proof of income.

Private Firms

Some private law firms will also give back to the community by taking on cases for free. Private firms also tend to take civil cases over criminal, although they usually have more discretion over the cases they accept than do non-profit legal organizations. The information here at tends to focus more on legal aid organizations than private firms, so supplement your search with checking with local law firms to see if they will take a case pro bono.

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